Lamm Active

Under this motto, we would like to introduce our homeland as a varied sports and leisure region to you. Whether if you are a hiker, cyclists, downhill freak or climber. Within 50 km from us you will find a variety of possibilities to suit your taste.

Ideal for comfortable cycling and challenging biking.

Though the landscape is varied and hilly, there is a route for almost every level. The popular “Fünf Flüsse Radweg” (Five Rivers Cycle Path) goes right past our front door. For more demanding bikers the “Fränkische Schweiz” (Franconian Switzerland) offers tours for every taste. The nearby “Bikepark Osternohe” is the number one destination for every downhill fan.

The “Weisses Lamm” is an accredited member of the ADFC and certified as a "bicycle-friendly establishment."